Young Orioles Fan Cherishes His Foul Ball Because … Baseball

The Baltimore Orioles sit at the bottom of the American League East Division, but one young fan still managed to find bliss in their wretchedness.

All it took was a foul ball that the kid ran down in the upper deck during Wednesday night’s Orioles-Royals game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. (See the clip below.)

It looks like that ball just made his summer — his year, even.

He kisses the ball. He hugs the ball. Baseball needs more fans like this.

“We all deserve a love this pure in our own lives,” Adrian Garro, who wrote about the moment for’s Cut4, tweeted.

Here’s hoping there’s more foul ball moments for the kid in the future, like this one, or maybe even this one someday (but we wouldn’t recommend it.)

The Orioles won the game, 8-1, but the real winner was the boy.

Here’s a longer clip. Cherish that souvenir, lad.