U.A.W. and Fiat Chrysler Reach Tentative Labor Deal

The United Automobile Workers union reached a tentative agreement on Saturday on a new labor contract with Fiat Chrysler, the last of the three Detroit automakers at the bargaining table.

The union’s national council will meet on Dec. 4 to approve the contract before it is put to a ratification vote by the 47,000 union members.

The tentative contract calls for each of Fiat Chrysler’s factory workers to get a $9,000 bonus if the deal is ratified, the same bonus Ford Motor Company agreed to earlier this month.

The union said the four-year agreement calls for Fiat Chrysler to invest $4.5 billion in plants in the United States. Including previously announced investments, the company now intends to spend $9 billion on plant upgrades and expansions over the next four years

The investments would create or preserve 7,900 jobs.

Neither the union nor Fiat Chrysler disclosed further details in the tentative contract.

“F.C.A. has been a great American success story thanks to the hard work of our members,” said Rory Gamble, the union’s acting president. “We have achieved substantial gains and job security provisions for the fastest growing auto company in the United States.”

The contract comes after the U.A.W. agreed to contract terms with Ford and General Motors. Union workers went on strike at G.M. for 40 days before that deal was reached.

The contracts were negotiated amid turmoil inside the union stemming from a federal corruption investigation in which a dozen union officials and three Fiat Chrysler executives have been charged or have pleaded guilty so far. The U.A.W. officials are accused of spending millions of dollars of union funds on personal purchases and luxury travel.

G.M. is suing Fiat Chrysler in federal court, asserting that its rival bribed U.A.W. negotiators to get more favorable terms in previous contracts. Fiat Chrysler has denied the allegations.