Trump Keeps Mangling Names In India And Late Show Hosts Are Having A Blast

President Donald Trump has been giving the late shows plenty of fodder this week as he struggles to pronounce names while on a state visit to India

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah noted that Trump was very popular in the country, just not always for the reason the president would hope.

“Some like him because of his anti-Muslim rhetoric. Some like him because of his business savvy,” Noah said. “And all of them like him because his skin looks like tikka masala.” 

Noah said Trump was trying to make the best of his visit.

“He even made an effort to show the Indian people how much he respects them by trying to speak their language,” Noah said. “And it went about as well as you would think.” 

Over on the “Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert noted that “English isn’t the only language he struggles with.” Then Colbert played his own verbal highlights of the president’s trip:

Colbert’s “Late Show” team also envisioned the president as a cricket broadcaster in the country: