Tom Brady Gets In Face Of Chiefs Lineman Chris Jones And Twitter Howls

Tom Brady picked on someone his own size ― and then some.

The Patriots quarterback butted face masks with Kansas City Chiefs lineman Chris Jones ― all 6 feet, 6 inches and 310 pounds of him ― on Sunday.

Now Brady, at 6-4, 225, is no pushover, but he is a Hall of Fame-bound quarterback who isn’t supposed to be mixing it up with huge defenders who pursue guys like him for a living.

The brief encounter happened after Brady was knocked down on a third-down play during the second quarter of the visiting Chiefs’ eventual 23-16 victory.

The two were quickly separated.

USA Today and the Kansas City Star speculated that the argument, at least in part, might have stemmed from an iffy roughing-the-passer penalty called on Jones during the AFC Championship game that the Patriots won in January. But fans on Twitter imagined their own versions of Sunday night’s chat:

Others provided different commentary: