These 'Jeopardy! The Greatest Of All Time' Moments Win The Night

James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the leading money winners in “Jeopardy!” history,  flexed their trivia might in Match 1 of “Jeopardy! The Greatest Of All Time” on Tuesday. And a winner emerged. (Results below.)

But a few fun moments won the night on social media.

Host Alex Trebek said “bitchin’ mixtape” in a clue, and it was, well, bitchin.’

Holzhauer joked about the moment on Twitter.

Holzhauer, the most recent of the three champs, also figured in one of the highlights. Known for his confidence (or is it cockiness?), Holzhauer taunted Rutter with a “ha-ha!” and pointed at him while correctly answering “Philadelphia” in a clue. Rutter, a Pennsylvania native, playfully shot back at his adversary, “No need to rub it in.”

Holzhauer had something to say about that on social media as well, with the help of “The Simpsons.”

As for who won the two-game first match in which the totals were combined, Jennings narrowly defeated Holzhauer $63,400 to $63,200. Rutter finished a distant third with $10,400.

Holzhauer leaned on “Star Wars” to vent his frustration over not hitting any Daily Doubles.

He also provided political commentary.

The first player to win three “Jeopardy! The Greatest Of All Time” matches wins the tournament.