The Lacoste Ladies Open de France Settles In

“It might remind you of the heath-land courses outside London,” Coore said. “And when you play it, it feels like it could have been there since the 1920s, which was our goal.”

Chantaco, host of the Ladies Open de France from 2012 to 2017, had planned extensive course renovations, starting in 2018.

With his Lacoste connection and with a suitable championship course to offer, Pascassio worked to bring the championship — still backed by Lacoste, his own longtime sponsor — to Les Châteaux in 2018, which will host the event through 2020.

“I am a fierce supporter of all professional tournaments that women can enter, but to reach this goal, an event has to build on three strong stones: The course must be one of the best available; the sponsors have to be high-level ones; and the players must belong to the elite,” said Pascassio, who serves on the board at Golf du Médoc.

“So you understand why I am proud that Lacoste is the title sponsor, that the Châteaux course is the venue and that so many fine players are in the field, coming from all parts of the world of golf,” he added.

Bringing the championship to Les Châteaux puts the event in the Médoc and Bordeaux wine region.

“Les Châteaux is a very good golf course, and it’s near Bordeaux, which has some of the best wines in the world,” said Anne-Marie Palli, the first Frenchwoman to join and win on the L.P.G.A. tour. “Even the tee markers on the golf course are shaped like small bottles of wine.”

And with the continued support of the Lacoste family and brand, this year’s event brings a smile to the face of Kristel Mourgue d’Algue of Bordeaux, who is also part of French golf history and whose family has had friendly and competitive ties with the Lacoste family for three generations.