Ted Danson Almost Looks Thrilled To Get Busted With Jane Fonda At Climate Protest

It’s rare to see someone look as excited as actor Ted Danson when he was arrested Friday at the weekly “Fire Drill Friday” climate change protest in Washington, D.C., along with fellow actor Jane Fonda.

Fonda’s arrest was the third in three weeks at the protest demanding urgent action to address climate change. She and Danson proudly showed off their handcuffs, and other protesters applauded as they were led away by police.

Fonda, 81, and Danson, 71, were among 32 protesters arrested for “unlawfully demonstrating” at the intersection of East Capitol and First streets near the Capitol building, according to police. They were all charged for “crowding, obstructing or incommoding,” reported the Los Angeles Times.

Danson quipped during his remarks to the crowd that he was Fonda’s “new trainee.”

The “Cheers” alum and star of “The Good Place” said he planned to take it easy when he turned 70, but “then I met Jane Fonda, who had her foot on the gas pedal and was not only 80, but was going 80 miles per hour at all times.”