Running Toward a New World

The Boston Marathon will not take place on Monday. The London Marathon isn’t happening in a few days, either. The race calendar — from world majors to 5-kilometer fun runs — has been disrupted during the coronavirus pandemic. But the nation’s runners are out, adapting to a new world and continuing to put one foot in front of the other.

As New Yorkers run in parks and on deserted streets, the act can feel fraught: weaving in worried parabolas around fellow runners and wondering whether to wear a mask — or whether to run at all. Some runners signal directions to one another to keep an appropriate social distance, others keep their heads down, behind buffs and balaclavas.

Those who run know their good fortune. A breath of fresh air. A blissful hour outside. An hour of perceived control when the world feels chaotic. A sweaty respite on the trails of Central Park, the paths along the Hudson River or the boardwalk on a beach in Queens.

Clockwise from top: Wind sprints uphill on the bridle path, Central Park. Dog running its owner, Riverside Park. Texting break, Central Park.

Long bandanna, short shorts, Hudson River Park. Shuffling, end of run, Hudson River Park. Midrun yoga, Hudson River Park.

Walk, run, walk, run, walk, Washington Square Park. Singing through an industrial mask, Prospect Park. Beard mask! Hudson River Park.

Pausing to take photos of tree blossoms, Central Park. Bandanna on top of head, Prospect Park. Running on the beach, Rockaway Beach.