‘Paradise’ Lost: Whose Breakdown Was Most Relatable?

The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” weren’t at Stagecoach. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray highlight all the outstanding moments from the latest episodes of “Bachelor In Paradise,” including the many, many breakdowns and who appears to have been right all along. 

From Tahzjuan’s literal melt-down to John Paul Jones’ pool of tears, nearly everyone is unraveling in “Paradise.” Bachelor Nation nuptials prove difficult for Caelynn, whose own relationship with Dean came to an abrupt end the night before. Meanwhile JPJ — perhaps still delirious from his bite of date food? — decides a loud argument with Derek would make a fine gift to the happy couple. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t score an invite to the after-party, where Clay reunites with his ex-girlfriend Angela and realizes he may not have been ready for Paradise after all.