Olympian’s Mind-Blowing Waterless Swim Workout Goes Viral

No workout equipment at home? Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova has a monster workout that only requires a kitchen bench and abs of steel.

The controversial three-time Olympic medalist uploaded a video of her “swim” drills out of the pool earlier this month and reminded followers to stay home. The video was viewed more than 11 million times after it was shared on Twitter this week.

With a helper holding down her feet on the kitchen bench, the 27-year-old cycled through the breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and most impressively, butterfly.

Efimova is known for her finger-wagging feud with American gold medalist Lilly King at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, over Efimova’s doping scandal. Efimova served a 16-month ban from swimming between 2014-2015 after testing positive for a banned steroid. She later failed another drug test in 2016, but was allowed to compete after a temporary suspension, because swimming governing body FINA deemed it unclear if she’d taken the supplement before it was banned.

Efimova was also the target of harsh criticism from competitors in Rio, who felt it was unfair that they were forced to compete against her. Her eligibility for the Tokyo games remains in question.

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