New York Subpoenas Banks and Financial Advisers for Sackler Records

The subjects of the subpoenas also include 13 corporate entities that are part of the global ownership structure of Purdue, including Rosebay Medical Company, Linarite Holdings, Perthlite Holdings, Data, Moonstone Holdings and Roselite Holdings.

And the state is in the process of issuing subpoenas to four offshore entities that are part of Purdue, including Banela Corporation, which is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, and Millborne Trust Company Limited, incorporated in Jersey, a British island in the English Channel. Court documents say the offshore companies “appear to have served as conduits for monies from Purdue” and various holding companies, as well as from the Sacklers.

The subpoenas demanded all documents related to the entities’ formation, as well as information about all payments and monetary distributions, financial transfers to and from Purdue, and records of all communications with Purdue and any of the Sacklers.

The office also is in the process of issuing a subpoena to Jonathan G. White of Jersey, whom it says is “believed to be director of a number of Sackler-controlled entities” that have also been conduits for the transfer of funds. Mr. White could not be immediately reached for comment.

In addition, the state is issuing subpoenas to two family investment offices, Stillwater Holdings and Summer Road, demanding information about the amounts of money under their management for each investor, and information from 2007 to the present about where the money was invested, and any transfers of money or loans made.

Subpoenas were also issued to Leslie Schreyer and Jeffrey Robins, who are with the law firm of Norton Rose Fulbright. Mr. Robins, a partner at the firm, whose expertise is described on its website as tax and estate planning for “high net worth individuals and families,” was named in court papers as the manager of three holding companies that are part of the global Purdue ownership structure. Mr. Schreyer, described by the firm as an expert in “tax planning and tax controversies,” is named in the subpoena as manager of four holding companies.

Neither Mr. Schreyer nor Mr. Robins returned calls requesting comment.