NBA Player Urges Referee To Call Technical On His Father, Who's The Opposing Coach

Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers said Thanksgiving is going to be weird this year with his father.

He can probably forget about the father-son picnic, too.

The sight of Rivers urging a referee Wednesday to give his dad Doc Rivers, the coach of the opposing Los Angeles Clippers, a technical foul during their game in Houston is peak family fun. As long as you’re not the father.

The elder Rivers was issued two technicals and ejected from the game, eventually won by the Rockets, 102-93. So, score one for the kid.

Just watch the clip below. The son taps the familiar T-for-technical gesture toward the referees, flashes a grin when his father is booted, waves him off, and then gives his furious dad the “call-me” gesture as he leaves the court.

The elder Rivers reportedly berated the referees for ruling that he had challenged a call too late, ABC reported.

Austin Rivers was delighted with the result.

“That made my night, though. I’m not gonna lie,” he said afterward. “We got the win. My dad got thrown out. Good night.”

Consider it delayed payback. The Clippers traded away Austin Rivers in 2018 and he eventually landed with the Rockets.

The Houston guard acknowledged on Twitter that the upcoming holiday might take an awkward turn. “Thanksgiving is going to be weird,” he wrote.