NBA Player In A Chokehold 'Taps Out' Just Like It Was The UFC

Tension between the Philadelphia 76ersJoel Embiid and the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns boiled over into a brawl during their NBA game in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Towns perhaps got the worst of it ― but it wasn’t at the hands of Embiid. Sixers teammate Ben Simmons rushed in to help and grabbed Towns in a chokehold.

Towns pounded the court hard as if to “tap out” in surrender, a la the UFC or even pro wrestling, according to reports. When Simmons didn’t immediately release the hold, a man in a suit tapped Simmons’ arm and he finally let go.

Here’s a closer look at the choking.

Embiid and Towns were ejected, CBS Philly noted. The 76ers went on to win, 117-95. 

The incident received a WWE-stye spoofing on Twitter:

Ben Simmons released his chokehold on Karl-Anthony Towns after a “tap out” from Simmons and other intervention.