Mark Hamill Mocks Law 'Chief' Trump, Demands Pardon For Bad 'Star Wars' TV Special

“Star Wars” legend Mark Hamill hilariously skewered the president’s boast that he is America’s top law enforcement officer with a mocking appeal for a pardon for the embarrassingly bad “Star Wars Holiday Special,” which aired in a galaxy far, far away — aka American TV in 1978. 

Hamill took a swipe at Donald Trump by making fun of the program, which featured many of the “Star Wars” cast, including Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

Hamill — who often bashes the president — demanded in a tweet Wednesday, “Hey, ‘Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Country’ … Pardon THIS.”

Trump raised the specter of a pardon for his longtime pal — and seven-time felon — Roger Stone after he slammed a proposed sentence for Stone, later calling himself the “chief law enforcement officer of the country.”

Stone was sentenced Thursday to 40 months in prison for felonies including lying under oath to Congress and witness tampering. Prosecutors initially recommended seven to nine years for Stone, until Attorney General William Barr dialed back the suggestion after Trump complained.

As for “Star Wars,” Hamill’s followers on Twitter, sadly, agreed with him that the clunky special — which featured R2D2 as “himself” in the credits; Chewbacca’s dad, wife and son (Lumpy); and musical numbers — was possibly feloniously bad TV. A few gamely defended it, but many thought it was unpardonable — even for Trump.

Others were grateful for the laugh.