Kansas City Chiefs Player Tackles Fan Who Runs On Field In Green Bay

That’s one way to get in on the action.

Some shirtless knucklehead ran onto the field during the Green Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs preseason game on Thursday ― and got tackled by a player. (See the videos below.)

Chiefs safety Harold Jones-Quartey chased down the interloper and dropped him from behind. Green Bay police officer Craig Carlson came in for the assist.

The attention-craving fan was charged with resisting arrest and unlawful conduct at a public event, and was jailed, police Cmdr. Paul Ebel told HuffPost on Friday. He did not immediately provide the suspect’s name.

Here are several angles of the not-so-historic moment at Green Bay’s historic Lambeau Field:

Jones-Quartey was fighting for a roster spot after being out of the league for a few years, Sports Illustrated noted. Perhaps the tackle can pad his defensive stats!

Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Harold Jones-Quartey helps the Green Bay Police Department tackle a fan who ran on the field during a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs at Lambeau Field on Aug. 29.