Joe Namath Had Sex With Stranger The Night Before Super Bowl Win

The Hall of Fame quarterback revealed this week that he had sex with an unfamiliar woman who knocked on his hotel room door the night before his New York Jets were to play the favored Baltimore Colts. (See the clip below.)

“First time I’ve admitted that,” he said Monday on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Namath received his surprise visit ― after a coach’s curfew check ― from a New York waitress who said her father was from Baltimore. That detail later set off Namath’s suspicion that he’d been set up, perhaps by “wise guys” who may have been betting on the Colts. But that didn’t stop him. “I wasn’t that paranoid,” he said.

The night didn’t prevent history from being made the next day on Jan. 12, 1969. Namath earned MVP honors in guiding the Jets to an upset victory ― which he had guaranteed.