Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Delivers A Blunt Assessment Of The GOP Soul

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr called out the Republican Party on Wednesday, saying the GOP had “sold its soul” to President Donald Trump

The eight-time NBA champion also offered some advice for the eventual 2020 Democratic presidential nominee:

Kerr, who won three titles as coach of the Warriors and five as a player, has been a persistent Trump critic. Earlier this week, he urged lawmakers to slam Trump for his racist tweets that urged four women of color serving in Congress to “go back” to their countries: 

Kerr in 2017 stood up for athletes who protested during the national anthem after Trump said team owners should fire the “sons of bitches.” 

“Just think about what those players are protesting,” he wrote in Sports Illustrated. “They’re protesting excessive police violence and racial inequality. Those are really good things to fight against. And they’re doing it in a non-violent way.” 

CORRECTION: An earlier version misstated the year Kerr supported players against Trump’s call to fire protesters. It was 2017, not 2007.