Gift Ideas To Help Your Family Get Off The Couch In The New Year

If you are looking for ways to embrace a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family in the new year, you might want to consider getting outside. According to a scientific report for Nature published earlier this year, spending at least 120 minutes per week in natural spaces is associated with positive health benefits, from reducing obesity in children to lowering the rates of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in adults. In short, the latest health trend might be a breath of fresh air.

Since the coldest months of the year are more likely to encourage a streaming marathon than a race in the great outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to help inspire your family to get off the couch and out of the house. Whether it’s winter warmth you need or motivation for a new summer adventure, we’ve teamed up with Walmart to find presents that will energize you and your family to get outside all year long.

Wouldn’t it be great if your loved ones both treasured and benefited from your holiday gifts? At Walmart, there are presents that can inspire everyone on your list to have the best new year ― and all for the best prices. A happy price to help make a happy holiday.

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