German film producer Artur Brauner dies in Berlin at 100

Artur Brauner, a Polish-born Holocaust survivor who became one of post-World War II Germany’s most prominent film producers, has died at age 100.

German news agency dpa reported that Brauner’s family said he died in Berlin on Sunday.

Brauner produced hundreds of films. They include the “Dr. Mabuse” crime movies and other hits such as “Girls in Uniform,” starring Romy Schneider.

Several of the films he produced evoked the memory of the Holocaust. Agnieszka Holland’s Golden Globe-winning “Europa Europa” is about a boy in Nazi Germany joining the Hitler Youth to try to conceal the fact he is Jewish.

“Babi Yar” centered on the 1941 Nazi massacre of Jews in Ukraine, in which several of Brauner’s relatives were killed.