Gear to Bring the Outdoors Inside

If you live within walking or pedaling distance of the wilderness, count yourself lucky. If not, you are probably relying on a backyard, a rooftop, or even just the nearest street tree for your nature fix. There are other ways, though, to replicate the outdoors inside — ways that might just fool your senses into believing, for a moment, that you’re hiking through a desert, sitting in a mossy forest or listening to a brook burble.

These soy candles burn slowly and give off a subtle, “woodsy” aroma, which translates to sage, moss and lavender. ($20 from P.F. Candle Co.)

If you’re a chronic plant-killer, this could be the way to bring green, living things into your home — a new easy-care potted plant arrives every month. ($35 a month from The Sill)

Along with white noise — best for inducing sleep — this machine also reproduces the sound of rain, waves and running streams. Let it soothe your waking hours too. ($40 from Amazon)

Spray your sheets, your couch, your towels — even your partner — with the sharp scent of the high desert east of California’s Sierra Nevada range. ($15 from Amazon)

Stick this feeder (also available in a smaller size) to the outside of your window, fill it with nectar, and watch the little zoomers crowd around. ($30 from Amazon)

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