'Game Of Thrones' Star Jerome Flynn Shoots Down Long-Time On-Set Feud Rumor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — There were always wild rumors floating around about “Game of Thrones,” whether it be Lady Stoneheart showing up or various conspiracies about George R.R. Martin having already completed his Song of Ice and Fire books. (Spoiler alert: She didn’t and he hasn’t.)

Perhaps the most infamous, however, involved the reason two “Game of Thrones” actors didn’t have many scenes together.

For years, there have been stories that Lena Headey, who played Cersei, one-time Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and Jerome Flynn, who played Bronn, Lord of Highgarden and Master of Coin, weren’t on speaking terms and didn’t appear on screen together due to a failed past relationship.

On Friday, that tale was finally shot down as Flynn took the stage here at Con of Thrones, with Insider’s Kim Renfro as moderator.

The chat was mostly light and fun until one fan asked about the rumor, saying, “As we know that apparently you and Lena Headey couldn’t be in the same scene together, I wonder how did you guys manage this logistically? Was it the source of any troubles on the set or production?”

The audience let out a collective groan; however, Flynn still addressed it.

“We were actually in the same scene together,” he said. “And the last time I saw Lena we were speaking, so I wouldn’t believe everything you read, and like I said, [the media] can get pretty desperate for stories.”

To the actor’s point, in the Season 3 premiere, there’s a scene where Cersei walks by Bronn.

“Stick to the reported facts,” Renfro said.

Flynn added, “Lena’s a wonderful person and a wonderful actress.”

Whatever awkwardness was caused by the question quickly dissipated as Flynn continued to take on whatever wild question fans could come up with.

“What did Bronn do his first day at Highgarden?” asked one person, to which Flynn said he probably just got bored and called up Tyrion. Another inquired, “How do you plan on managing all the coin for Kings Landing when you can’t read or write?” 

“Do you want to go outside?” Flynn joked. “I don’t think you need to read or write to look after coin.”

“Good plan,” the fan quipped back.

Rumors of the supposed Headey-Flynn feud spread online in 2014 and again flared as recently as the Season 8 finale in May. With Flynn finally shooting the notion down, it’s clear that in the Game of Thrones, all rumors must die.