Dwyane Wade And Pat Riley Dancing In Saint Tropez Is Peak WTF

Just retired Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat president Pat Riley shook up social media with a clip of them dancing. (See the video below.)

But this wasn’t some black-tie affair in South Beach. That might make sense. It was on a yacht. In Saint Tropez. Wearing “Aladdin”-like costumes. And grooving to the Doobie Brothers’ “Listen to the Music.”

This belongs in the Hall of Fame of WTF.

Riley, the intense former Lakers, Knicks and Heat coach, is 74 and judging from the Instagram clip, posted Sunday by Wade, he can chill now. 

But wait, that wasn’t all. Actor and “America’s Got Talent” judge Gabrielle Union posted a clip of her dancing with husband Wade in which Riley briefly joins in. Then he stops to look at his phone. Maybe he’s trying to shore up the Heat lineup for next season?

Enjoy that French Riviera vibe, everyone.