Courteney Cox Responds Amusingly To Comments Saying She Resembles Caitlyn Jenner

Courteney Cox may be a celeb herself, but she recently learned that she apparently has her very own celebrity doppelgänger.

In a photo published to Instagram last week, comedian and actor David Spade teased a collaboration between himself, Cox and “Bachelor” star Nick Viall with a picture of the three together. Many commented on the post to point out that they thought they were seeing an image of Olympian and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner.

Cox responded over the weekend, sharing the picture herself. ″@davidspade posted this pic, now I really didn’t think I looked like myself but this was surprising…” she wrote.

In the image gallery, she included a screengrab of her notifications, which included six comments in a row pointing out the resemblance.

And finally, Cox shared a side-by-side comparison of herself and her apparent doppelgänger. “Alright… I can see it,” she admitted.

Her former “Friends” co-star and longtime close friend Jennifer Aniston was a big fan of the post. “You’re hilarious. Oh my GOD I love you ❤️,” she wrote.

It seems there’ll be more classic Cox humor to come in the new year. Spade hinted in his post that Viall and Cox would join him on his new late-night show “Lights Out” in 2020.