Coronavirus Live Updates: China’s Travel Limits Cover 35 Million People

“People of Wuhan are making sacrifices,” Hu Xijin, the editor of The Global Times, a nationalist tabloid controlled by the Communist Party, wrote on Twitter. “No matter how all of this happened, I want to express my sympathy and salute to them.”

On what may be the most watched television show on earth, the Spring Festival Gala, the Chinese government on Friday cheered on Wuhan and praised the country’s leader, Xi Jinping.

Each year, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, the state broadcaster China Central Television shows the gala, a four-hour marathon of speeches, skits and song and dance, all conducted at a stately pace to accommodate a graying audience. Watching the gala while making dumplings — or falling asleep in front of it — is a tradition for many families across the country.

On Friday night’s broadcast, China’s propaganda minders addressed the coronavirus outbreak head on. During the first half of the broadcast, six prominent CCTV anchors stood onstage and praised the instructions of Mr. Xi and the Communist Party.

They showed images of doctors and nurses treating patients, of trucks of supplies festooned with banners that said, roughly translated, “Go, Wuhan!”

They cited the example of Wang Qiang, the Chinese tennis player who earlier on Friday upset Serena Williams in the Australian Open. “As long as we’re not afraid and dare to confront challenges,” said Hai Xia, a longtime CCTV anchor, “we will win.”

Then they declared that the fight against the coronavirus was open, transparent and a testament to the competence of the government. Ms. Hai cited “the most transparent information disclosure, the strong leadership of the party’s Central Committee, the efforts of the whole nation.”