Comic Jeff Foxworthy Says All Those Right-Wing Memes That Quote Him Are Fake

You might be a sucker if… you believe all those viral political memes that supposedly quote Jeff Foxworthy are true.

The comic says none of them are his because he doesn’t do politics. 

“It will have my name and my face, and go: Here’s what Jeff said about this. And I go, no, Jeff did not say that,” Foxworthy told the New York Daily News.

Foxworthy rose to fame in the 1990s with redneck jokes and his best-selling album “You Might Be A Redneck If…” But in recent years, memes have sprung up featuring a play on his famous turn of phrase, often beginning with “You might be a liberal” or “You might be a Democrat.” 

The memes usually feature images of Foxworthy along with a quote he never made. The comic and host of “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” said he shuns mixing politics with jokes.

“No matter which side you’re on, half of the crowd is going to hate you,” he said. “That’s not my job.”

While Foxworthy has avoided politics in his jokes, he hasn’t avoided taking sides: In 2012, he endorsed Mitt Romney for president.