Chrissy Teigen's Wild Theory About Pam And Jim In 'The Office' Splits Twitter

Chrissy Teigen thinks she knows what happened to Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert after the cameras stopped rolling on the hit mockumentary “The Office.”

But it’s proving to be an unpopular theory.

The model, TV personality and cookbook author on Sunday asked her 11.8 million followers on Twitter how they thought the couple (played by Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski) were faring following 10 years of marriage.

Teigen’s fans overwhelmingly believed the pair were still together:

Teigen praised their optimism.

She initially claimed that the couple were still going strong, but that she didn’t think all was well in the Halpert household:

Teigen then performed a major U-turn with this mathematical dissection of other couples in the show ― and declared that Pam and Jim were, in fact, now divorced: 

Her analysis inevitably set Twitter alight, with fans lightheartedly debating who was still together and who had split: