Boris Johnson's new rescue puppy heads to Downing Street

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The 15-week-old Jack Russell, which has yet to be named, had been left abandoned by puppy farmers

A puppy from an animal rescue charity in south Wales will be moving in to Downing Street with Prime Minister Boris Johnson later.

The 15-week-old Jack Russell-cross, which has yet to be named, had been left abandoned by puppy farmers.

It will move from Friends of Animals Wales in Rhondda, into the flat above No 11 Downing Street where Mr Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds live.

They were keen to promote Lucy’s Law – a crackdown on puppy farms.

The link between the couple and Friends of Animals Wales (FOAW) came through TV vet Marc Abraham who has worked with the charity’s owner Eileen Jones.

“It was important to shine a light on the work she’s doing,” he said. “It’s entirely voluntary with huge vets bills so they only rescue and rehabilitate the ones with the most problems.

Larry the cat

“When I was speaking to Carrie about what dog to get and where to get it from, she gets it. She is a massive supporter of the Lucy’s Law campaign.

“Carrie and Boris are helping to get a very, very vulnerable dog that’s otherwise likely to be killed.

“They are both massive dog lovers.”

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The puppy will be living with the couple in Downing Street

Mr Abraham said it was unlikely there would be much contact between the dog and the No 10 cat, Larry, as he would be living in the flat and having walks around St James Park.

But he added: “He has been living in a foster home with a cat and is house-trained, and is doing the basic commands already.”

A statement from FOAW said: “To think our little pup started his life in a Welsh puppy farm and was destined for an uncertain existence at the hands of a puppy dealer, but is now going to be with people who absolutely adore him is a dream come true.

“This little man will want for nothing in his life, what could be better than that?”

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Downing Street

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Larry the cat is known as the chief mouser and lives at No 10, but is unlikely to see much of the dog

It added: “We know only too well why Lucy’s Law is such an important piece of legislation because we pick up the pieces of third-party puppy selling every day.

“The suffering of these dogs is unimaginable unless you see it first-hand as we have done for so many sad years.

“We would like to thank Carrie and the prime minister for opening their hearts and their home to a puppy-farm survivor.”

Lucy’s Law is being rolled out in England next year and the Welsh Government has also confirmed it will adopt the law but no date has been set yet.