10 Of The Best Adult Bike Helmets On Amazon That Are Actually Cute

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Maybe you’re trying to get more exercise, cut down on carbon emissions or just spend more time outside. No matter how you spin it, bicycles are a great way to do that. With a growing number of bike lanes in U.S. cities and bike-sharing programs popping up everywhere, it’s easier than ever to get rolling — but it’s also easier to get hurt.

Though you should be wearing a helmet no matter what it looks like, we get that sometimes you want a helmet that’s safe and somewhat cute. And, fortunately, there are actually a ton of cute options on Amazon. We found one brand that designs helmets in dozens of fun prints and patterns for riders of all ages, including this pink lemon style . There are also a few foldable helmets that can be packed up and tossed into your bag for bulk-free biking, and even a helmet that looks like a sun hat!